Call for Papers


This conference aims to provide an excellent opportunity for the young researchers to expose their work to international scrutiny, receive feedback from peers from different parts of world, gain from the vast experience and expertise of the leaders in this important field of research and to open up the scope for new research collaborations among the international community of participants and invited delegates.

Only original and previously unpublished work on a range of topics related to the conference theme will be accepted. The conference welcomes paper submissions from researchers, practitioners, academicians and students, and will cover myriad tracks in the field of Intelligent Computation, Mechatronics and Robotics, Manufacturing, Automation, Control Systems,  Healthcare as well as interdisciplinary research and applications, but not limited to, the following: 

01. Intelligent Machines and Robotics

• Mathematical modelling and simulations of systems
• Industrial Internet of Things
• Soft computing
• Computational Intelligence and Applications
• Power Systems and Automation
• Intelligent Automation and Manufacturing
• Precision motion control system
• Unmanned vehicle design and simulation
• Internet of Everything
• Robotics, Service and Medical Robotics
• Modelling, Identification, and Fault Diagnosis
• Navigation Control Theory and Applications
• Intelligent Control Theory and Applications
• Hybrid Systems
• Smart systems, HCI, brain computer interface
• Industry 4.0
• Machine vision and image processing
• Augmented Reality and Virtual reality

02. Intelligent Healthcare

• Wearable devices
• IoT in Healthcare
• Intelligent disease prevention and monitoring
• AI in healthcare
• Picture Archiving and Communication Systems
• Assistive and Rehabilitation robotics
• Mixed Reality for Intelligent Disease Diagnosis
• APIs in Healthcare
• Blockchain Networks in Healthcare
• Virtual assistants in Healthcare
• Intelligent Operating Room
• Cloud computing and big data technology in Mobile Healthcare
• Precision health
• Portable and Intelligent Medical Device
• Telemedicine and Telehealth

03. Intelligent Manufacturing

• Digitalization decentralized monitoring and control of       productions
• Modelling, simulation and optimization of productions.
• Operations management and decision-making in               industry
• Sensor-fusion for intelligent machining and inspection
• Advanced reliability, maintenance and safety                    engineering and technologies
• Data intelligence and prescriptive analytics in smart         production systems
• Artificial intelligence & machine  learning in industries
• Cloud-based architectures and cyber security
• Additive manufacturing and novel industrial                       production technologies
• Microelectronics
• Human-centric / customer-oriented product design
• Big Data in intelligent manufacturing
• Distributed virtual reality and augmented reality in             intelligent manufacturing
• Human-machine interactions, human-robot / robot-           robot collaboration in manufacturing
• Cybersecurity in collaborative intelligent                              manufacturing

04. Intelligent

• Object detection and Pattern recognition
• Data mining
• Fuzzy logic
• Neural Network
• Expert Systems
• Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
• Machine Learning
• Deep learning
• Natural Language Processing
• Neuromorphic systems
• Gamification
• Swarm Intelligence
• Data science
• Human and Social Behaviour Analysis
• Business, Finance and Decision Making
• Social network analysis
• Intelligent Agents and Cognitive Systems
• Data Granularity
• Data Security and Computation Security
• Blockchain in Cyber Physical Systems