Dr. Ada E. Yonath

Director, Kimmelman Center for Biomolecular Structures at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel The Nobel Laureate 2009

Ada Yonath is focusing on the translation of the genetic code to proteins by ribosomes, on antibiotics hampering this process, on human diseases associated with ribosomal mutations and on origin of life. She initiated these studies despite persistent global skepticism, and introduced forefront key scientific developments, which became common routines.
She is the director of the Kimmelman Center for Biomolecular Structures at Weizmann Institute (WIS), where she got her PhD and is currently a Professor. She postdoced at CMU, MIT and U. Chicago. In the seventies, she
established at WIS a structural-biology lab, which was the only one in Israel for almost a decade. During 1986-2004, she headed Max-Planck-Research-Unit-for Ribosome-Structure in Hamburg, in parallel to her WIS activities.
Among others, she is a member of US-National Academy; British Royal Society; Israel Academy; German Leopoldina; Pontificia Accademia-delle-Scienze (Vatican); Japanese, Korean, Italian & European Academies, and
holds honorary doctorates from over 45 Universities worldwide. Her awards include Louisa-Gross-Horwitz, Wolf, Harvey & Israel prizes; Linus-Pauling Gold Medal; UNESCO/L’Oreal Prize; Albert-Einstein Award for Excellence; and the 2009 Nobel Prize.